Modern Wallpapers

Many people think of wallpapers as a thing of the past - outdated, hard to remove, often quite dingy, and straight from great-grandma’s house. But today’s modern wallpapers could not be more different! Yes, there is a certain trend to embrace nostalgia and go back to the “way things were”. However, many customers also realize that the variety of options, the sheer amount of different designs, patterns, colors, themes can truly transform a house in seconds. Wallpapers are once again becoming a hit. 

Gacek Home Decor carries an impressive collection of various wallpapers, sure to please even the most fussy clients. If you’re shopping around and looking to remodel your home, we invite you to take a look at our offer. If you’re not sure yet how to incorporate wallpaper into your house or apartment, we’ve got some great ideas to share with you. Read on and get inspired!

How to transform your home with modern wallpapers

  • Choose a recurrent motif 
  • To give your space a modern feel, think patterns. A repeating theme can provide a stunning backdrop. Click here for an example. 

  • Think graphics
  • You can’t get more modern than with bold graphics. Some prints can give a three-dimensional effect that looks very futuristic. Click here for an example. 

  • Have fun with prints
  • You can liven up a space by choosing to showcase a fun print. Click here for an example. 

  • Try toned colors
  • Whether the tones are lighter or darker, they can truly create an ambient atmosphere. There is definite beauty and charm to the tonal approach. Like heavenly rose? Click here for an example. 

  • Turn it into artwork 
  • While most people use wallpaper to cover the entire wall, that is not necessary to make a statement. You can always use less to showcase it. Click here for an example. 

  • Use large prints 
  • Again, prints are trendy. Large prints? Even more modern! Click here for an example. 

  • Match it with your decor
  • Great idea when you’re looking to match your old family heirlooms or some wonderful flea market finds with the walls. Precious! Click here for an example. 

  • Consider a monochromatic design 
  • Monochromatic wallpapers can create the perfect background for a colorful, full of life interior. Stylish and elegant, they’re full of potential. Click here for an example. 

  • Make a surprise choice 
  • Reimagine your space by adding a surprising print to one of the walls. It will definitely make a statement! Click here for an example. 

  • Work with what you have 
  • Maybe you’re in love with your furniture or decor pieces and are simply looking for a modern way to compliment them. Wallpapers can most definitely do the trick! Click here for an example. 

  • Give it texture
  • A trend gaining popularity is textured wallpapers. They can add dimension to your space while being very visually appealing. Click here for an example. 

  • Bring the outside indoors
  • Nature-inspired wallpapers are not only trendy and modern but also highly sought after, since they can create a cozy ambience in any room. Click here for an example. 

  • Invest in floral prints
  • Floral themes are definitely making a comeback. Give your space a romantic, old-school feel with some bold flowers. Click here for an example. 

    Why choose modern wallpaper

    If you’re thinking of remodeling your home, you may be wondering what to do with your walls. Should you use paint or wallpaper to freshen your space up? Let us help you make a decision. There are so many benefits to using wallpapers over paint. Below we list a few. 

    • Durability. Wallpapers simply last longer. With time, paint can chip or peel off. Wallpapers withstand the test of time better. Once you put it up, you won’t have to refinish your walls for years to come (unless you decide to redecorate of course). 
    • Cost. Since wallpapers last longer, they do not need to be changed often. Paint on the other hand needs a new coating every few years. By choosing wallpaper you can save money over time. 
    • Cleanliness. Wallpapers are much easier to clean than paint. If a wallpaper gets dirty, you can simply wipe it off. Painted walls are often harder to clean. When you wipe them clean, you are risking taking the polish off of them too.
    • Style. There are so many different designs, textures, colors and patterns of wallpapers available, everyone is sure to find something they like. You can even mix and match, choosing various wallpapers for different walls of your home. Looking to remodel your kids’ room? Gacek Home Decor carries some great options for the little ones, too. Whether it’s an intricate project or a more traditional look, we’ll find what you need. 
    • Uniqueness. How often have you heard that someone has the same colored walls in their home? Well, it’s pretty common with paint. You can be more unique when you choose wallpapers instead. With various textures, designs, patterns and colors you can really transform your space within minutes. 

    Contact Gacek Home Decor

    Using wallpapers can be a great way to modernize the look of your home. If you’re looking for wallpapers to compliment your house or apartment, check out our extensive offer. Here at Gacek Home Decor we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. We can give you suggestions and share ideas on how to remodel your space, while keeping your needs and budget in mind. Reach out to Gacek Home Decor and let’s get started today!

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